Specialised Botulinum Toxin Workshop for Doctors

Get ready to inject botulinum toxin immediately in your own office. Our hands-on workshop provides you with all information of theoretical background, anatomy, product information and how to reconstitute, patient assessment and injection

Learn on a real patient where and how to inject using optimal dosage guided by your MEA trainer.

Our trainers are carefully selected based on their years of experience as trainer, expertise and patient treatments in aesthetic medicine.


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Use MEA Workshops to instantly achieve successful patient outcome

Unleash the full potential of your botulinum toxin injections with our expert training delivered by globally recognised aesthetic specialists.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to deliver immediate, noticeable results that meet and exceed patient expectations.


Theoretical part

Gather anatomical knowledge about the areas concerning to inject.


Patient assessment & preparation

Excel in patient assessment through understanding muscle activation followed by accurate marking of injection sites. Master accurate product preparation by optimal reconstitution.


Apply your learnings straight away

Transform knowledge into action during hands-on injection on a live patient.


Achieve instantaneous results

With our training, you’re equipped to immediately apply your new skills ensuring direct impact in your practice and patient satisfaction.


Patient after-care

Gain insights into after-care for successful patient outcomes.

MEA Botulinum Toxin Workshop structure

Get a feel for our workshop sessions. Here is what you can expect when attending your botulinum toxin injection workshop from start to finish.

Whether you wish to utilize botulinum toxin to alleviate aesthetic concerns or treat specific medical indications in the therapeutic landscape, our training will empower you to get started right away.

Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate reflecting your commitment to professional development and patient care.

Your MEA Support: with MEA training you receive ongoing personal support helping you to stay up to date with the latest technology.

Ready to enhance your skills? Register to engage in our Botulinum Toxin Workshop today.

Overview of Theoretical

Overview of Practical

Benefits of our interactive botulinum toxin training program

Perfectly blending theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Our botulinum toxin training empowers practitioners with the latest advancements in the theory and administration of botulinum toxin injections.

Explore the key benefits of our botulinum toxin course, and book a call to secure your interactive training experience today.

Training by international renowned leading experts

Structured workshop which enables you to start tomorrow with injections

Certification of training

Achieve highest patient safety and satisfaction

Discover upcoming MEA medical aesthetic trainings

Stay ahead of the curve in aesthetic treatments and join us for interactive in-person and online training experiences. Unlock your full potential in medical aesthetics with MEA’s upcoming training programs.

Meet the trainers

Benefit from our distinguished trainers with internationally acquired knowledge and years of hands-on experience as aesthetic practitioners. We equip doctors with insight into aesthetic injectables, and their capability for promoting rejuvenation, regeneration and vitality.

MEA trainers have learned from some of the most globally renowned experts such as Dr. Mauricio de Maio from Brazil, Dr. Arthur Swift from Canada, Dr. Patan Patel from UK, Dr. Nimrod Farber from Israel, Dr. Koen de Bulle from Belgium and many more.

Learn more about our trainers, personalised training approach and a course that suits your needs.

Register for MEA’s expert-led interactive Botulinum Toxin Workshop

Embark on a transformative journey with our expert-led botulinum toxin training. Our course is carefully designed for new and experienced detectors in the medical field to help them master botulinum toxin for aesthetic and therapeutic applications.

Our comprehensive after-hours interactive training delves deep into the nuances of botulinum toxin administration. Gain valuable insights from a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, guided by seasoned aesthetic professionals.

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Each training is constantly updated, reflecting the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, ensuring you are equipped with state-of-the-art techniques and foundational knowledge.

We ensure that upon completion of the course that you are adept at delivering transformative results for patients while aligning with the highest standards of patient care.

Invest in your professional growth and enroll in our interactive training today. Book a call to learn more and book your slot today.

Requirements for our injector training workshops

Must be a doctor

Our training programs are specifically designed for doctors.

Must bring a patient for interactive training

Please bring a patient who has not received treatment on the upper face for at least 5 months.

Conduct follow up consultation

Each practitioner will need to conduct a follow-up consultation with their patient to evaluate patient satisfaction.

Sign up MEA’s Botulinum Toxin Workshop led by industry experts

Embark on a transformative journey in aesthetic medicine with an aesthetic injector workshop specifically tailored for doctors. MEA training combines industry expertise with interactive, hands-on training.

At MEA, we are dedicated to fostering vitality, regeneration, and aesthetic mastery, and this is reflected in our carefully designed workshops. Whether you aim to refine your existing skills or enter the field of aesthetic medicine, our industry-leading experts will provide guidance and support at every step.

Register now for MEA Botulinum Workshop or book a call back to find a training that suits your needs.


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